SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The City of Sioux Falls has purchased more than 20 acres of land along the Big Sioux River and plans to extend an already growing bike trail.

The City of Sioux Falls worked with the Rubin family for a decade to acquire four parcels of property, closing the deal for $380,000. It’s the final piece of the puzzle in the city’s plan to expand its trail system.

The acquisition of 20+ acres of property north of Rice Street and adjacent to Bahnson Avenue will eventually extend the Big Sioux River Trail Corridor by miles.

“This is actually the last segment we need to go from Falls Park all the way to Great Bear,” Sioux Falls Park Development Specialist Tory Miedema said.

The trail is already complete from Falls Park to Lien Park. The second section will extend to Bahnson Avenue.

“We have it proposed in the current CIP program to design in 2022 and construct in 2023,” Miedema said.

The final portion of the trail will extend another two miles to Great Bear Recreation Park.

“We’re looking for the best place to go across the river. We’ll be building on the north side of the Big Sioux and we’ll find a point to go across, get onto Rice Street, and then over to Great Bear,” Miedema said.

In addition to the bike trail, the expansion project will also include a trailhead with this being a potential location for a parking lot and kayak launch.

“Talking to the previous property owner, this is also a very, very popular canoe launch area, so that goes right along with all the stuff that we try to do and try to provide,” Miedema said.

And one day the trail could extend all the way to Brandon.

“Hooking these two communities together I think that would be a huge deal for both Sioux Falls and Brandon, so we’re definitely planning on extending further out to the east,” Miedema said.

Miedema says the city is also working to extend the Cherry Creek Trail Corridor in northwest Sioux Falls.