City of Sioux Falls clarifies who is responsible for hauling tree debris

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There are piles of tree limbs in yards and streets all over Sioux Falls, and just as many questions about who is responsible to haul them. The City of Sioux Falls highlighted its plan for what type of debris it’ll pickup. Some homeowners think the city should take it all. According to the City, it all depends on where it lands and where your tree is in your yard.

Tuesday’s storms left a lasting impression on Nancy Hone.

“When it was happening, I thought, sure, the roof came off, came down and went bang,” Hone said.

The sounds she heard were tree limbs breaking and falling into her yard. The City of Sioux Falls isn’t going to pick them up, because they’re on her property and not in the street. Hone says, at age 70, it’s too much for her to handle.

“I say we pay very high taxes in the City of Sioux Falls and I say they need to help us with this. They came through and helped us with the ice storm a few years ago,” Hone said.

The City has 20 crews picking up tree debris, but only what Public Works Director Mark Cotter calls “street trees”. That means a tree that’s planted between your curb and sidewalk.

“If that’s falling into the, into the street, these crews that are working this area, they’re actually going to physically remove that,” Cotter said.

Cotter says the homeowner is responsible for anything on private property, and says the city will not pick up branches, limbs, or debris homeowners stack on the curbs near the streets. After a busy day of raking, homeowner Terry Fritz says he’s happy and able to haul away what fell into his yard.

“Yeah, you just load them up and go. You know? I think our people here, we’re not the type of people who wait for the freebie. We just do it,” Fritz said.

You can drop off your debris at two locations including 1000 East Chambers Street, which is just off North Cliff Avenue and just North of 12th Street and Lyons Boulevard. Both are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you can’t get debris to a drop-off site on your own, Cotter says call the 211 Helpline to try to find volunteers to help you. Mayor Paul TenHaken also says there’s a big need for volunteers. To do that, you can also call 211.

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