SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Former President Donald Trump will campaign in Sioux City on Sunday marking the second time in the past year that he has gathered with supporters here.

The Trump rally is now less than a week away, but key details like what roads will be closed and how much security will be on hand are still being worked out.

“So anytime we have a current president or ex-president come to visit Sioux City, we always ask and reach out to other agencies. The Iowa State Patrol, Woodbury County Sheriff’s Department, Iowa dot to assist us,” Sergeant Tom Gill with the Sioux City Police Department said.

Gill states that the department is actively gearing up for a busy weekend.

“There’s going to be some traffic control, there’s going to be some street closures and we don’t have any of those details yet, but that’s just some of the issues that we run into any time we have a dignitary.”

The potential for street closures could also pose challenges for downtown businesses that are open on Sundays but, workers at Coffee and Purrs are optimistic about a possible increase in customers.

“We are hoping that everyone walking down the roads and down the streets for the trump rally that is going to bring in more business for us. We know that at the beginning of the trump rally, we’re going to be open but we do close at three,” Employee at Coffee & Purrs Alexis Shockley said.

Sergeant Gill added that those attending the rally should plan ahead.

“Make sure you give yourself enough time to get here, to find a place to park because parking will be an issue downtown. All of the parking ramps and garages should be open,” Gill said.

And if you aren’t going to the rally, you may have to alter your weekend commuting plans.

“If you’re not coming to the event, I would suggest not trying to drive downtown just because there will be some traffic backed up, there might be some roads closed during that time,” Gill said.

The doors will open for the trump rally at noon but Trump is expected to speak to the crowd at approximately three in the afternoon.