SIOUX FALLS, S.D — (KELO) The City of Sioux Falls wants to remind homeowners of the programs that assist with that process. Last year these programs helped 134 households.

As the home repair season kicks off here in Sioux Falls, qualified residents can get assistance for repairs from the City.

“Making sure that those houses stay safe and sanitary, and obviously of good quality, is important, A for the individuals that are living there, but B for the long-term housing supply for the city of Sioux Falls,” said Logan Penfield, housing development manager.

Low to moderate-income households can get loans and grants to make certain repairs inside and outside their homes. These programs offer assistance for single-family and rental rehabilitation, based on gross income and repairs for mobile homes.

“There’s an increased emphasis on rehabilitation within the city, trying to make sure that we maintain the housing stock that we currently have, and improve the stuff, the housing that needs investment,” Penfield said.

There is also a down payment assistance program for public servants in the City.

“If we can help people who are public servants, find a place to live and make it a little bit easier for them to get into it, then that’s, that’s an important concept for us,” said Jeff Nelson, chair of SF Accessible Housing Advisory Board.

Penfield says the goal of these programs is to invest in the housing of Sioux Falls.

“A big component of affordable housing, accessible housing, workforce housing, whatever anybody wants to define it as, is maintaining the housing stock that we already have,” Penfield said.

These programs are accepting applications year-round. Coming up in July the application process will be adding an online option. You can find a link for more information here.