SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s South Dakota’s largest city with a vibrant story to share. Now a group of authors have penned a book highlighting the history of Sioux Falls.

The book is titled “City of Hustle” and is an anthology including a variety of stories written by 49 different people in the community.

The idea for the book came about in 2019. They had an official launch event Thursday night at Zanbroz Variety in Downtown Sioux Falls.

“My friend and co-editor Jon Lauck and I were sitting around and we were thinking about how many great writers are in this city, and we were thinking about the great sort of unknown stories that are a part of this city,” co-editor Patrick Hicks said.

They grabbed a napkin and started brainstorming.

“We happened to be at a bar at the time. We started to write down all these different sort of topics, and as we wrote down topics and thought about writers that might be interested in pursuing those topics, we realized that we might have an anthology on our hands,” Hicks said.

The topics covered stretch far and wide.

“We’ve got people that have been involved in the banking sector writing about banking. We’ve got some history professors that have talked about the history of the city. We tapped into people that just knew the cultural vibrancy of the city. We’ve got a wonderful essay on the Pomp Room for example. Someone else wrote about McGovern’s ending presidential bid here at the Holiday Inn on 1972, so there’s this wide range of stories,” Hicks said.

Doug Hajek, who is a banking lawyer and has been involved with the banking industry since 1972, is a writer in the book.

“It’s been a lot of fun to contribute and there are a lot of very interesting stories in this anthology. My story is about banking in Sioux Falls and South Dakota and how South Dakota actually became one of the top places for banks,” he said.

There’s even a chapter on the history of KELOLAND Media Group, written by News Director Beth Jensen.

Both Hicks and Hajek say there are stories you’d never expect.

“We look around town and you kind of think, well sometimes you have to ask questions. How did this ever happen? How is this here and this here? This tells a story for how these things happen,” Hajek said.

“I think even if you think you know this city really well, I challenge you to pick up this book and not be surprised by some of the stories you discover,” Hicks said.

You can buy the book at Zanbroz, the Center for Western Studies at Augustana and bookstores.