SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A book coming out this fall highlights the story of Sioux Falls through the work of several local writers.

It started with two friends having a conversation over beer.

They talked about the idea of having a collection of essays about Sioux Falls, or as the book title calls it: City of Hustle.

Augustana University writer-in-residence, Patrick Hicks, and historian, Jon Lauck, are the co-editors of the book that explains Sioux Falls.

From the Pomp Room to Falls Park to George McGovern’s presidential run, readers will find a variety of unique stories.

“Opening this book up, I think people will naturally…they won’t read it in chronological order. They’ll probably bounce around in the book, tugged one way and another by the stories that they find and they’re drawn to,” Co-editor Patrick Hicks said.

Daren Anderson is one of the many writers who contributed to the book.

His essay is about Fenn’s Bros., a candy and ice cream manufacturer.

“It’s a part of Sioux Falls’ story because it was one of the largest employers in Sioux Falls back in the 1950s and 60s, and they had a far-reaching effect that was more than just local,” Fenn Bros., historian Daren Anderson said.

Hicks is excited for readers to get their hands on the book.

“I think it will help people in the Midwest understand who Sioux Falls is and what’s happening in ‘flyover country,’ but I think also Sioux Falls residents, when they read this I know they will be surprised and delighted by some things that have existed in their backyard and maybe they didn’t even know about it,” Hicks said.

City of Hustle: A Sioux Falls Anthology is available for pre-order now.

It comes out in October with the launch party planned for November.