SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Sioux Falls city employees are taking time to give back to the community they work in.

A little rain isn’t stopping these city employees from getting some work done on homes for Habitat for Humanity.

“They’ve got us working in inclement weather this morning, so we’ve been doing a lot of inside work trying to stay dry, I’m on the windowsill crew,” public works, engineering technician 2, Michelle Knoll said.

Throughout the week, crews are working on foundations for twin homes, as well as some finishing work on a house.

It’s how the public works department is taking part in ‘One Team Week.’

“We started it a few years ago and it’s really to celebrate the employee, the impact that they have on the community, so a full week of activities for the city,” street operations manager, Dustin Hansen said.

About 90 employees will be volunteering their time to work on the project.

“Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do anything, volunteers are vital to our organization, we use them to build houses, we use them in our ReStore, and then we also use them in our neighborhood revitalization, so we are so thankful for any groups that want to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity,” volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sioux Falls, Brittany Bandstra said.

So whatever the weather, these workers know their work will make a difference in the community.

“As city employees, we’re making an impact in the community and the citizens each day, but to get out and do something like this, break away from say street construction or sitting behind behind your desk, getting out in the community, it’s a neat experience,” Hansen said.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community and just for team building within our street team for the public works department,” Knoll said.

The group is volunteering through Friday. Another way departments are taking part in ‘One Team Week,’ is by participating in city tours at the fire station and Falls Community Health.