SIOUX FALLS, S .D (KELO) The City of Sioux Falls features an array of arts, from theater to music to visual art, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Now city council members have approved funding for a new arts coordinator.

The 2024 Sioux Falls City budget includes funding for a new position — an arts coordinator.

“The goal of the overall position was that the arts community would have someone inside city government that has access,” said Pat Starr, City Council, Northeast District.

While there is no one in the position yet, the person will have an operational budget of 150 thousand dollars. This can be used to fund art events and various projects across the City.

“We’re trying to manage the city’s collection with this new office or person, and be able to monetize or be able to pay for art into the future,” Starr said.

“What I think this person will be able to do is find those ways to connect everything and really support all of the arts, hence why the city decided to go forward and what the task force their recommendations were to create an Arts Commission,” said Kellen Boice, Executive Director for the Sioux Falls Arts Council.

Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Arts Council, Kellen Boice, says this new position will allow for more collaborations and ideas within the arts community and the City.

“We’re all bringing different perspectives, different backgrounds to that conversation. So I think overall, it’s like a super exciting time for our city to be expanding on these things that have been maybe narrowly focused on in the past, or not really- more of an afterthought,” Boice said.

The position is expected to be filled by the end of the year.

We’ll be following along with the position once it gets filled.