SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the popularity of Esports grows, the Washington Pavilion is offering a unique gaming experience.

The CineDome at the Washington Pavilion is hosting limited events due to COVID-19, including private gaming parties.

“It’s something that we’ve been doing for years, but the CineDome since it’s been shut down due to COVID we’ve really taken the opportunity to lean into some of the other things you can do in the space, one of them is the gaming parties,” Washington Pavilion events manager Allyson Kasch said.

This is Mario Kart on a 60-foot wide, 4-story screen.

“There’s certain sweet spots. If you’re sitting in the back you get the whole view of motion, but if you want a thrill in your gut you’ll sit in the middle and be looking over here, looking over there, so there’s definitely adaptation, but it’s worth it to come try it out that’s for sure,” Harrisburg resident Dustin Baker said.

You’re also surrounded by 24 speakers.

“The unsung part of it is the sound, it’s really sweet, you can hear it coming from all angles, so on top of the visual experience, you have the audio,” Baker said.

The Pavilion supplies the screen, but partygoers are responsible for the gaming console, controllers, and games.

“It’s two hours of your own gaming experience, it’s your game, it’s your saved, you can bring a few friends, you can play online with people, it’s a really good experience and a really fun way to play,” Kasch said.

A 2-hour package starts at $300.

“$300 gets you in the door, it gets us some revenue, it gets you a very special experience, it’s something not a lot of people get to do and it’s really a treat,” Kasch said.

It’s a private event, but people are expected to follow COVID guidelines.

“Per the Sioux Falls mask mandate we do ask that you bring your mask, there’s plenty of room to social distance within the theater, and then in between clients we’re doing a lot of extra special disinfecting and cleaning so that you can enjoy your party safely,” Kasch said.

Click HERE if you’re interested in booking the CineDome for a gaming party.