SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We are paying more for just about everything these days, from gas to groceries to utilities. Well now as we head into the holiday shopping season, you can add Christmas trees to that list.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but the price tag on Christmas trees certainly does.

According to Consumer Reports, the wholesale price has grown by as much as 15% compared to last year.

“We tend to get a wild balsam or wild Frasier, they’re a little bit less expensive and they’re always a little bit funky a bit quirky and so that’s why we like them,” Chris Skinner said.

Chris Skinner and his wife are kicking the trunks on this Christmas tree earlier than usual this year.

“On the Friday after Black Friday it’s 25% off trees, so we kind of wait until then but we’re not sure we want to this year based on the availability of trees,” Skinner said.

“Christmas trees, if you start shopping around there is a shortage of trees this year, there is getting to be less and less farms and because of that there’ll be a lot of places in the past that had trees, that won’t,” tree buyer for Lewis Drug

Doug Schroeder is the buyer of Christmas trees for Lewis Drug.

He says the cost of trucking the trees have gone up, so that’s being passed down to the consumer.

And because of that, you can expect to pay more for artificial trees too.

Even though there is a shortage this year of Christmas trees you can still find quite the variety; all the way from 4 foot to 11 foot — like this one that will cost $90.

But Schroeder is confident people will still pay the extra price.

“There’s nothing better during Christmas time than a fresh-cut tree the smell fills the house and it just makes Christmas,” Schroeder said.

“We usually buy eight to 10 foot tall one, it really fills up the room and fills up the whole house with fragrance,” Skinner said.

How can you save some money on trees this year?

First experts recommend you shop around and look for good deals, perhaps you can opt for a smaller tree this year, or wait to buy your tree.

You’ll find the cheapest trees in the last few days just before Christmas.