SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The suddenly summer-like temperatures have more than a few people anxious to get into the fields.

As the ground thaws, there’s no shortage of activity at Cherry Rock Farms.

“The weather’s finally breaking, the snow’s melting, we can see the end of winter and spring coming,” Cherry Rock Farms owner Laura Patzer said.

The plants are currently thriving in the greenhouse, but owner Laura Patzer hopes to be in the field as soon as possible.

“Hopefully, because we had so much snow all winter we’re kind of hoping that insulated it a little bit and there won’t be a lot of frost and we can get into the ground in the next couple of weeks and start working the dirt and really see when we could get things planted,” Laura Patzer said.

Patzer says the propagation house is currently home to some 50,000 onions.

“They are planted by hand and it’s a very tedious process but if you’ve ever been in our market in the summertime our onion table is top-notch,” Laura Patzer said.

“Onions and potatoes we’ll put in first and those usually will go in within the next month or so,” Cherry Rock Farms owner Marco Patzer said.

Until planting rolls around, Marco Patzer is staying busy with a variety of projects.

“Remodeling greenhouses or cleaning up the yard, all those little things that we can’t do in the winter time of course and we can’t do when we’re in the full farming season,” Marco Patzer said.

The Patzers will also spend spring keeping a close eye on the rivers and creeks closest to their property.

“The rivers are up extraordinarily high and so it’s just something we are keeping a watch out, moving equipment, making sure that we are prepared should water come onto our land,” Laura Patzer said.

“We don’t have anything in the ground in the fields right now so it’s not much of an issue this time of year for us. We still don’t like to see it, but if it’s going to happen I suppose now is probably as good a time as any, for us,” Marco Patzer said.

As the water rises and falls, Cherry Rock is happy to take advantage of the sunshine.

“All hands on deck right now, spring is busy,” Laura Patzer said.

Cherry Rock Farms expects to open for the season in late June or early July.