SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A long list of children will wake up Christmas morning to a special surprise.

Chariots for Children buys and builds bicycles.

“We collect money and then we buy them direct from the manufacturer,” Chariots for Children committee member Tom Broadbent said.

The finished bikes are then handed out as Christmas gifts.

“Found a need for bicycles, Christmas time, kids that are less fortunate, just really a good-hearted gesture for a one year deal and it’s turned into quite an event,” Broadbent said.

Committee member Tom Broadbent says the organization and its lineup of volunteers will assemble about 120 bikes this year, and hopes to keep kids active.

“Get them out of the house, get them off their tablets. You know the tablets have their place but get them outside and put them on a bike,” Broadbent said.

The buildings at Airway Service will be buzzing on Saturday with bikes built by kids, for kids.

“We give the bike away in their name, they don’t leave here with the bike, so it teaches your kids, and I’ve taught my grandkids this, a little generosity,” Broadbent said.

“When you see children helping children and they get this glow on their face that they’re really excited they were able to say I built this bike myself,” volunteer Tami Wendt said.

Tami Wendt volunteers at the Chariots for Children event.

“Nothing like seeing a child’s face receive a bicycle that may not have received one, that joy is infectious and makes you smile as well,” Wendt said.

And that’s what keeps Broadbent building bikes year after year.

“I’ll probably do this for a long, long time,” Broadbent said.

The bike building event is this Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Airway Service in Sioux Falls. They’ll also be serving a pancake breakfast.

Click HERE if you’d like to donate to Chariots for Children.