SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you tried calling the Sioux Falls School District Thursday or Friday and just got a long busy signal — there is a reason. Around the Sioux Falls area, people are experiencing issues with calls from cell phones not going through.

Midco told KELOLAND News the issue was entirely a cellular related matter and the cell companies were aware it was happening.

The Sioux Falls School District sent an email to parents, saying cell companies that service the area are experiencing issues with delivering phone calls. 

“We started to find out yesterday that some of the phone calls that were coming into different locations within our Sioux Falls School District were just going to busy signals, or some of those were just being dropped and lost,” Jamie Nold, assistant superintendent of SFSD, said. “Sometimes that may happen and there may be a transfer or something, but not to the number or the extent that it was occurring.”

Nold says a handful of the buildings within the district were experiencing these issues. However, there are secondary options to reach the schools.

“Could call from a landline, that seems to be working but we also realize not many families maintain those anymore. The email works well, stopping in and hopefully this is just a short-term issue,” Nold said.

While issues like this may cause inconveniences externally, the school district wants parents to know that downed cellular lines do not impact internal safety precautions for students.

“We have landlines throughout the whole district so for any emergency protocols that we have, we have radio systems, we have landlines that we can utilize,” Nold said. “So we know that that can always be an issue in the future for emergency type situations, so we have that addressed.”

KELOLAND News did reach out to both AT&T and Verizon for information. As of 1 p.m. Friday AT&T T said its network is operating normally. Verizon was checking on its network, but KELOLAND News had not yet heard back.