SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — First Congregational Church hosted a performance Friday titled “Uplifting Voices of Unity: Love Conquers All” which featured poetry written and shared by Lawrence Diggs of Roslyn, S.D.

“I’m a poet, and that’s what I am interested in, is trying to spread poetry to as many people as possible and make it accessible to people,” Diggs said.

His words paired with music performed by the Sioux Falls Chamber Music Collective.

“I want to kind of give the message that we all have a unique voice and through art and music, we can all collaborate together and make a better future,” said Yi-Chun Lin, artistic director and executive director of the Sioux Falls Chamber Music Collective.

Black history as well as Valentine’s Day are each highlighted this month.

“We decided to put those things together and make a program because there are a lot of people who when it comes to things like, in air quotes, race relations, while some people are arguing about the shape of the table, other people are eating at that table,” Diggs said.

Dancers added another art form to the message.

“Some people are more drawn to visual kind of art, right, some people are more drawn to music, and but when we combine them, it creates a very powerful experience,” Lin said.

“We are including different kinds of art forms to tell the same story, to pull all of those things together, because the underlying message is that we can take all of these different art forms and make something that’s more beautiful than any one of them together,” Diggs said.