SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Christmas is less than two months away.

But ongoing inflation means many people are cutting back and trying to stretch their money.

Stephanie Wilde is the owner of Say Anything Jewelry in downtown Sioux Falls.

Like any business owner, she’s hoping for a strong holiday season, but she says the current economic situation has some people thinking more about their purchases.

“We get a lot of people that come in and are looking around and say, ‘We’ll keep you in mind for some gifts,’ but maybe they’re not interested in buying right then,” Wilde said.

Joe Batcheller is the president of Downtown Sioux Falls.

He’s heard from other businesses that foot traffic is slower right now.

“I think what I’m hearing is that a lot of it may have to do with gas prices, housing costs, the cost of food, just the cost of living in general has gone up and so people have less discretionary income as a result when that happens,” Batcheller said.

Wilde has tried to adapt to changing shopping habits by expanding marketing, services and products at the store.

“We’ve added in some different minimalistic jewelry that is a different price point than our custom work,” Wilde said.

While the holiday shopping season presents some challenges, it’s not all gloom.

“I’m maybe cautiously optimistic, you could say, because it seems like we find a way to turn the corner every Christmas season,” Batcheller said.

He hopes if you’re thinking about where to shop this year, you’ll shop small.

“I think everybody knows somebody in their life that either works for a small business or maybe owns or operates one, manages one, so it touches all of our lives,” Batcheller said.

“When we see the business owners are supported, they give back to their community so much and it’s so important for us and our families and employees,” Wilde said.

Wilde says another reason for slower traffic right now is people seem to waiting closer to Christmas to shop.