SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The “Greatest Show on H2O” returns to the water on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is the traditional opener at Catfish Bay Water Ski Park.

“Some of the nights have been a little bit bleak on practices, which is normal when it’s 38-degrees outside so I get it,” Catfish Bay President Jim Bruns said.

“Definitely warms you up when you’re out here when you’re out here with your friends having a good time, getting ready for your first show,” 16-year-old performer James Bruns said.

16-year-old James Bruns is a longtime performer at Catfish Bay.

“I could probably ski before I could walk,” James Bruns said.

The son of founder, Jim Bruns, James strives to learn a new trick every season.

“Probably started doing ride overs first where you just go over the jump and then one year I started doing hellies – 360 – and then the next year it’s I’ve got to do a front flip, got to level up so I did a front flip last year,” James Bruns said.

This spring, Bruns is working on a one ski flip.

“Take more crashes, get hurt a little bit, but in the end, it’s all going to be worth it and you’re going to be worth it and you’re hopefully going to be a better skier by then,” James Bruns said.

Catfish Bay will host preview shows on Memorial Day, June 10th and 24th, before the regular season shows start on July 1st.

“Those shows are not as polished as they are end of June, July, so we years ago learned that people want to come out and watch us and cheer us on, they can maybe not expect the most amazing show on Memorial Day, but they’re going to see a great show,” Jim Bruns said.

After nearly three decades, Jim says the mission remains the same, and it starts with building youth.

“Just a crazy joy to see young kids, including my own, grow up out here and really kind of come into their own,” Jim Bruns said.

With the next wave of performers hitting the water this holiday weekend.

The show on Memorial Day is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Catfish Bay.