WHITE BEAR LAKE, M.N. (KELO) — Many water skiers, including some that are part of the Catfish Bay Water Ski Team, gathered for a ski clinic in eastern Minnesota over the weekend. They were there to freshen up and learn some new skills for this next ski season.

Water skiers across the Midwest are itching to get back out on the water, but this long winter is not helping.

“If you are a show ski team, you desire to be out on the water. You want to train with your friends, but throughout the long winter months, we obviously can’t do that,” clinic organizer Eric Gran said.

A ski clinic in White Bear Lake, Minnesota this past Saturday is keeping skiers fresh this winter. But there’s a big difference from normal; it all happens inside a gymnasium. Gran says they started the clinic 20 years ago.

“Let’s create a learning or training opportunity during or at the end of the winter to help prep for the start of the on-water season,” Gran said.

Some Catfish Bay skiers made it to Minnesota for the clinic, including Beth Bruggeman.

“I came into this clinic pretty inexperienced, I’d say, compared to some of the other people here, so I gained a lot new tips and tricks that will be really helpful this summer to apply to our skiing and bring back for the team,” Bruggeman said.

While Bruggeman has kept up with some practice over the winter, nothing compares to being outside.

“I have practiced a few times this winter in an indoor pool, but definitely itching to get back out on the lake,” Bruggeman said.

She’s not the only one.

“I’m just ready for the summer to come, for us to get back on the water and be with my family. I consider Catfish Bay just another family, and I’m learning a lot here at this clinic and I think that I can take a lot back to my team,” she said.

The first show at Catfish Bay is set for May 29th.