SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Although most fireworks are illegal in Sioux Falls, people still discharge them.

Sam Clemens, the public information officer for the Sioux Falls Police Department, said Tuesday that the police department responded to 80 reports of the discharge of fireworks in the city on Monday, July 4.

The last few year there were about 200 reports on July 4, Clemens said. Numbers have gone up and down in the last few years, he said.

The decline in calls this year could be because there were few fireworks or fewer people calling or a combination of the two, Clemens said.

Police issued two tickets fireworks violations, he said.

“The challenge with fireworks calls, especially when it comes to citations, is the officers have to see people lighting off the fireworks. It’s a little bit difficult,” Clemens said.

Often the department assigns officer specifically to fireworks calls, he said. “…they will go to these different calls and if they don’t see somebody lighting off fireworks but it’s pretty obvious they have been, that’s where the education comes and they let people know they are not allowed to that and if they continue to, they could receive a citation.”

Retail sales of fireworks continue through today, July 5. Fireworks can be discharged legally, where permitted through Sunday, July 10.