CASTLEWOOD, S.D. (KELO) — One KELOLAND congregation is grieving the loss of their church building after it was destroyed by fire earlier this week.

Hamlin Reformed Church went up in flames early Wednesday morning, burning throughout the day, leaving the building a total loss. Now, the congregation is trying to figure out what happens next.

This once was a house of worship, now laying as a pile of rubble after an early morning fire consumed the building. This church has an impactful history in the Castlewood community.

“As a church on this location, has been somewhere along the lines of 120 to 130 years, this building was 40 years old,” said Pastor Steve Biswell.

On a typical week, this church would welcome around 80 to 90 community members to Sunday service. Now, they are trying to figure out how they will continue to hold services for their congregation.

“We have had so many people offering space, our plan immediately is for at Sunday morning at 11 to meet out here just so everybody, the congregation together can kind of look at everything at once and we will pray together and there will be some tears and there will be some hope and dreams, then we will figure out a temporary place while we figure out the next simple steps,” said Biswell.

The Castlewood community has seen many difficult times this year, but they are working together to come out of this stronger.

“I think the community has come together after the tornado and I think it will come together here too, I mean it’s a pretty supportive community so I don’t think we will have any problems with community members getting the help they need, so it just makes us go stronger together,” said Chad Schlotterbeck, sheriff of Hamlin County.

“A lot of life is unexpected and the good thing about this is it’s just stuff, and we will figure this out God’s been God a long time and he’s God and we are not, and he knew what this was going to be, so we will be ok,” said Biswell.

Remaining strong even during this difficult situation.

“People need to know that God’s good and he’s got this figured out,” said Biswell.

Right now, the church says their greatest need is prayer and time. Within the next few days, they will create a donation account.