SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO)– A celebration of life took place this afternoon for Sioux Falls cartoonist Chris Browne. He was the mind and hands behind the popular cartoon Hagar the Horrible.

“I just see a lot of love. And you know, that’s the word that comes to my mind the most, is how much he was loved,” said Sally Browne, his sister.

The celebration for Chris Browne was filled with laughter and stories from his family, and his friends.

“That’s the main thing on my mind is just to know how much he was loved here. That made me feel really good that he felt very much at home,” said Browne.

Fellow cartoonist friends of Browne spoke about his work and the mark he made on the cartoon world.

“He zeroed them in on him and his drawings and his humor, and his gentleness, and his kindness and all those things,” said John Hambrock, ‘The Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee’ cartoonist.

“He definitely expressed his feelings through his cartoons. And you can’t really ask for more than that, than to see someone’s heart,” said Jeff Keane, cartoonist ‘The Family Circus’.

They also spoke about Browne as a person and the impact he had on their lives.

“The cartooning world certainly has a loss. But he was such a good guy. That’s not to overstate it, but it’s sort of a loss for everyone,” said John Glynn, syndicate executive.

Browne was known as a kind, caring person and for his sense of humor.

“Knowing Chris, as I did, and this group knowing Chris, they did, I think it certainly it makes sense, and it’s appropriate. It would be weird to not be laughing at a Chris- Chris Brown Memorial,” said Jeff Koterba, editorial cartoonist.

While this celebration is bittersweet, Browne’s effect on the world will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Hagar the Horrible was started by Browne’s father in 1973. Chris took over for his dad in 1989. The cartoon celebrated its 50th anniversary in February of this year.