SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Captain 11’s final suit is home in our KELOLAND Studio, at least for a while.

Captain 11 is an iconic part of KELOLAND’s history.

Dave Dedrick portrayed the character for more than 40 years on TVs all across KELOLAND.

To celebrate our anniversary, KELOLAND decided to bring back a piece of Captain 11 history: his final uniform.

“The longer time goes by, I think the more it means to us. It’s part of our heritage, it’s part of who we are, and we want to protect it, preserve it, and honor it,” KELOLAND Media Group VP & GM Mari Ossenfort said.

The uniform and a protective case were delivered to KELOLAND and set up in the lobby Friday morning.

The blue jumpsuit is on loan from the South Dakota State Historical Society.

Loaning an item takes time and planning.

“It’s a long, considered process. First, the requester makes the request and we pay a site visit to determine things like temperature and humidity and lighting and security and so forth and we realized this space could do all the same things we would do at the cultural heritage center,” South Dakota State Historical Society assistant director David Grabitske said.

Grabitske wore gloves as he handled the suit.

The suit is strategically placed in a corner of the lobby to protect it from light.

“Take us back to our middle school years in science and your favorite clothes that you wore, the sun fades them and makes them brittle. Well, that’s what happens with all light,” Grabitske said.

Captain 11’s suit will be on display at KELO for about a year.

“I think it’s so important for us to pay tribute, gratitude to those that have laid the groundwork for us to have such a successful career and a successful place to work at today and it helps the community. We’ve done so much for the community, KELOLAND has,” Ossenfort said.

With another anniversary in the books, the work continues to deliver the news for many more years to come.

The South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center building is closed for renovations.

That prompted KELO to reach out about the uniform.

The Historical Society says it does loan out items under certain circumstances, but it depends on the item.

The case is being rented from Siouxland Heritage Museums.