Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) –Monument Health has its own Cancer Care Institute which has been at the front when it comes to cancer research.

With a new building dedicated to research, doctors are able to work with more patients and have more space for their research.

Monument Health’s Cancer Care Institute is hosting clinical trial programs on cancer research.

“We have a lot of cooperative group trials, so basically these are big organizations across the United States and across the world. That puts in new ideas or new substances that need to be trialed, and we have these trials open here,” Medical Director Dr. Abdel Azzouqa said.

Monument Health has participated in more than 350 trials, and continues to seek out new innovations.

“We think it’s important to our community because it gives our physicians and health care providers an opportunity to work with medications and devices that aren’t otherwise available here,” Investigator in Clinical Research Dr. Roger DeRaad said.

At Monument Health in Rapid City, they’ve always had the Cancer Care Institute, but back in April they had an expansion that allows them to have more room for their research team as well as being able to work with more patients.

“Cancer research, it’s more than just one place doing a trial, it’s more the collaborative, kind of comprehensive network of cancer centers across the United States,” Dr.Azzouqa said.

These trials require the assistance of the community, and there’s plenty of support to be found in Rapid City.

“The volunteerism here is amazing. People, if they feel they can fight their own disease, it empowers them. If they feel they can move science forward for their children and their grandchildren, they are enthusiastic,” Dr. DeRaad said.

The staff at the Cancer Care Institute is currently working on dozens of different clinical trials, and looks to continue to grow national and international relationships.