SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A local water ski show is hosting a week-long day camp for kids.

Kids have been making a splash at Camp OnAqua since 2000.

“Back in the day when we started, we were able to teach roughly about 24 kids in a day and yesterday we ran about 150 kids,” Catfish Bay President Jim Bruns said.

120 kids are attending Camp OnAqua, including Devin Bissoon.

“Water skiing is just something I really love. I’m a really physical kid and I want to join the ski team,” Camper Devin Bissoon said.

Camp OnAqua features a long list of activities, extending well beyond water skiing, and helps kids build confidence and self esteem.

“We’re building up these kids that are coming out to camp. We’re loving on them and they get to experience something throughout the week, they’re not on their phones, not on electronic devices, they’re talking with people, they’re engaging in each other,” Bruns said.,

“Like as the older kids around here, you have to be nicer to the littler kids and you have to stand up for them, especially if you have siblings,” Bissoon said.

“Just learning group skills and stuff and bonding with each other. It’s been really fun,” Camper Avery Schuneman said.

Avery Schuneman is from Milbank and enjoys skiing and zip lining, but is also learning new skills.

“Well fishing, of course, I didn’t really know how to do it properly, they taught me, and skiing you really have to, you know like this (shows skiing motion),” Schuneman said.

“They come in here kind of shy, they don’t want to try the water skiing or some of these activities, they won’t touch a fish. By the end of the week, they’re able to hold a fish, some are able to water ski behind the boat, it’s just crazy cool,” Bruns said.

The event ends on Friday with Family Night, as campers and their parents will attend the ski show and meet camp counselors.