Campers Celebrate July Fourth In Advance

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Campers rushed out to Lake Vermillion to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend.

“It’s just a chance to get away. Sit back, relax, and enjoy being outside,” camper Richard Cink said.

This year, park manager Derek Dorr says Lake Vermillion will be getting Fourth of July visitors throughout the week.

“When the Fourth of July is in the middle of the week like it is this year, we tend to have three separate weekends. We have the first weekend before, a weekend in the middle of the week, and then another weekend. It gives a lot of campers a chance to take advantage of the parks, park manager Derek Dorr said.

With the Fourth being in the middle of the week, many are choosing to celebrate the holiday in advance.

“We are gearing up for another really big day on the fourth of July like we’ve had in the past. But with the majority of people having to work the day before and the day after, it is a little bit of mystery to see what we’re going to get,” Dorr said.

However, Cink says this will not affect his holiday plans.

“That’s the benefit of being retired. You can make your stay as long as you want it to,” Cink said.

Cink says he will be staying at Lake Vermillion until Thursday.

“Hopefully the weather will stay nice the rest of the weekend and not be a flood or 100 degrees,” Cink said.

The forecast does show a chance for rain in the area.

However, the park still thinks they will have many visitors.

“For the most part we are planning to have a really busy day because everyone will have it off. I just might be a little bit shorter,” Dorr said.

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