SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As a mother of five, it costs a lot of money for Roberta Buddi to get her kids ready for school. That’s why she’s so thankful for Project S.O.S.

“It’s challenging from day to day and this just makes it possible to be able to know that the kids are going to school comfortably on the first day and have the things they need. I really appreciate that and to everyone thank you,” said Buddi.

Today, each of her kids got to pick out a backpack filled with supplies.

“I chose this backpack because of the decoration on it,” said one backpack recipient. “I chose this backpack because I like the color black and I like the design of the cheetah,” said another backpack recipient.

“Some kids are surprised that we have all different colors, one kid wanted rainbow, and we have rainbow color backpacks,” said Mandy Berkhof, a first-time volunteer with Project S.O.S.

Just like the parents, all of the volunteers enjoy seeing the happiness these backpacks bring.

“It’s really been heartwarming for me to see the little kids get their bags and all the pride that they have and putting their backpacks on and looking behind them to see how their backpack looks on them,” said Wendy Becker, a volunteer with Project S.O.S.

In addition to a backpack, each child can also pick out a book.

“You watch them unzip their bag and they’re putting their books into their bag. It’s really heartwarming,” said Becker.

The Banquet will be giving away supplies throughout the month.
To make sure the distributions go smoothly they’re still looking for more volunteers.

“I guarantee you will walk away feeling absolutely wonderful and like you’re giving back and it makes you want to come back again because I know I want to come back again,” said Becker.

Click here to find out how you can register for your free backpack or how to become a volunteer.