HOWARD, S.D. (KELO) — The business strip along Highway 34 in Howard, South Dakota took a beating yesterday.

Strong winds knocked over two liquid fertilizer tanks at the Howard Farmers Coop. Luckily they were empty at the time but all three tanks are dented and will have to be replaced. Two other buildings are also damaged, but nobody was hurt in part, because the manager says he learned a lesson from the storm on May 12th.

“We shut the place down and sent everybody either home for their safety or to my place for their safety around two o’clock. It took about an hour or so for it to hit and it lasted for a good hour,” said Howard Farmer’s Coop manager Colby Tolk.

Just down the street, the Howard Animal Clinic is temporarily out of business. The wind tore apart half of their building. Homestead Building Supplies is going to need some supplies to patch up this mess.