SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls woman, who loves to run marathons, is hoping to start her own race to raise money to help burn victims.

Her passion for wanting to help others comes from her own personal experience.

Ashly Baumgard, who runs about five days a week and has competed in a half dozen marathons….

“I did most of my hiding when I was a child, because people were teasing me about it,” Baumgard said.

….. says she’ll never run from her past.

“It’s okay to have scars you know you can live an awesome life,” Baumgard said.

When Baumgard was a child growing up in South America, she suffered serious burns to both of her legs.

“They had runoff gas at the gas station and some gentleman was smoking a cigarette and threw the match out,” Baumgard said.

It ignited the runoff gas and Baumgard was consumed by the flames.

“I remember the tragic moments of it, I remember some guy rushing up to me and pouring some 7 Up on my legs and in the hospital, I probably was in shock, but I remember being thrown in a stainless steel bin and skin was just washing off from me,” Ashly said.

Baumgard feels extremely blessed that she can even walk to this day, let alone run.

“I’m fortunate from my scars and everything to learn how to walk again and run again and I just want to show people you can do whatever you want when you put your mind to it,” Baumgard said.

Now she has her mind set on organizing a 5k run.

“I’d like to raise money to help burn victims, so they can have a hospital stay or skin graffing or whatever they need, I want to help out with those needs,” Baumgard said. “I know what kind of hardships I went through, because I had a lot of people thinking there was something wrong with me but they didn’t know my story.”

Although she’s competed in a lot of road racers and marathons Baumgard would like to get some help from someone who has experience in organizing a 5k run.