Burke teenager creates video to showcase strong community after storm

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BURKE, S.D. (KELO) – Nearly two weeks ago, the city of Burke was hit by an EF-1 tornado and winds reaching up to 100 miles per hour. During that time the lumber yard, school and civic center were severely damaged.

Many people came together to help clean up. To show how well the community has worked together, one Burke teenager put together a video.

Sally Hakin is just one of the people who helped her community clean up after the storm knocked down trees and damaged homes and buildings.

She also wanted to showcase how the community came together to be Burke Strong.

That’s why she created a video.

“I made it mainly for our community, I really wanted to show how Burke is strong and that’s how the hashtag came out of that and I made the video strongly about our community because I’ve never seen that, people came out of their houses and working, and smiles on their faces and I was really enjoying that,” Hakin said.

From people picking up debris to handing out water, this video sheds light on how this South Dakota town is staying positive in the wake of a tragedy.

“It was just people working on the streets and just waving and we made the most out of it and everyone was happy trying to get everything cleaned up and kind of left the tears behind and happy roads ahead,” Hakin said.

Her video has also gained a lot of attention online.

“A lot of positive feedback came out of my video and I think it is because of all the memories that went through their heads from town and they know a lot about Burke and there’s only 700 people in our town but yeah a lot of people were really happy with it,” Hakin said.

Another reason for this community to be Burke Strong.

“I wanted to do it because I thought it was really amazing how our community really came together in a short amount of hours,” Hakin said.

At the end of the video, Hakin also included interviews with her teachers and coaches whose classrooms were affected by the storm. She also says she was amazed that businesses were able to open back up within a short amount of time after the storm.

A tornado struck the small town of Burke, South Dakota on August 6th at 10:25 pm. Many buildings that were a key part of the community were destroyed. There were only two minor injuries and no fatalities. We consider ourselves very lucky because of this. The three main buildings that were destroyed included the lumber yard, civic center and the school. The school is the most central part to our town. We will no longer have a gym, music room, a few classrooms or a weight room to use this year. Athletics will take place in a town 21 miles away. We are very grateful for the South Central School District for letting us utilize their beautiful facility. The senior class will complete their last year in what is left of the Burke School but will possibly not see a new gym during their time at BHS. Even though there aren’t very many of us, we still found a way to come together during this tough time. I am super thankful to live in such a hard working and loving community. #BurkeStrong (Please Like & Share!)

Posted by Sally Hakin on Friday, August 16, 2019

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