SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Two of the most popular events in rodeo will take center stage this weekend in Sioux Falls.

The bulls are starting to stir at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds in advance of the sixth annual Bulls & Broncs.

“We’ve got contestants from about five state area show up here to ride bulls and ride horses,” Sioux Empire Fair Association Vice Chairman Dan Pirrung said.

The Sioux Empire Fair Association organizes the event, and Vice Chairman Dan Pirrung says folks fill the stands to see the bulls.

“3,000 pound animal and a hundred-pound guy trying to conquer him,” Pirrung said.

And the bulls have been on hiatus for a few months.

“They’ll be trying to kick the lights out of the rafters for sure,” Pirrung said.

“The first set that the guys are going to get on in the horse events, they’re going to be a little wilder and crazy, don’t have a set pattern,” Rodeo Stock Contractor TJ Korkow said.

TJ Korkow is the Stock Contractor for Bulls & Broncs and has brought in dozens of up-and-coming horses from Pierre for saddle bronc riding.

“We bring that set of horses in and that’s my next generation coming up and then for the short round we’ve got old NFR broncs that have been to the National Finals, the bright lights in Las Vegas,” Korkow said.

The two-day Bulls & Broncs includes the Raise ‘Em Rank Mini Bulls event on Saturday.

“There’ll be bulls that are about three-foot tall and kids that are probably two-foot tall trying to ride them,” Pirrung said.

Another highlight of the event is the Kid’s Boot Scramble.

“Kids will take one shoe off, put it in a pile, then they’ll go to the other end of the arena and they’ll run down, put a boot on, first person back gets a pair of boots,” Pirrung said.

Getting the next generation of Bulls & Broncs participants started off on the right foot.

Bulls & Broncs starts Friday night at 7:30 inside the Expo Building. The event continues Saturday with mini bulls at 5:30 p.m., followed by bull riding and saddle broncs at 7:30.