SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Did a Brookings police officer go too far and use excessive force during an arrest? That was the question before a state law enforcement commission.

This video shows what happened on April 30 at the Brookings County Detention Center between Officer Damian Weets and Esai Kaiyou. Police had dealt with Kaiyou before and it usually involved drinking. However, this arrest was different than the others.

As Weets processed Kaiyou, Weets was seen slamming Kaiyou on a bench, which led to a head injury and a trip to the hospital. The actions raised concerns for other corrections officers and eventually led to today’s hearing.

“As we sit here today, you’d do the exact same thing in that position in the pre-booking room with someone like Mr.Kaiyou?” asked Kelly Marientte, assistant attorney general.

“Correct,” said Weets.

Following the incident, Weets was taken off patrol duty and couldn’t interact with the public.

“The city of Brookings takes this very seriously, the police chief takes this very seriously,” said Michael Drake, the chief of police for the Brookings Police Department.

Commissioners also took it seriously, voting unanimously that Weets’ conduct was unbecoming of an officer and violated the public’s confidence in law enforcement. He’ll be suspended for a year.

Weets will also have to undergo a psychological evaluation and go through additional training.