SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The City of Brookings has a lot to celebrate as the SDSU’s women’s basketball team gets ready to play in the NCAA tournament.

Fans in Brookings are rallying behind the SDSU women’s basketball team. After their win at Summit League, they are now heading to the NCAA tournament in Virginia.

Levi Ford was just one of many customers buying the new SDSU women’s basketball swag at Jackrabbit Central in Downtown Brookings.

“Seeing the teams kind of put us on the map a little bit more is really exciting,” said Levi Ford, Brookings.

Ford is a student at SDSU and a Brookings native. He says he’s been following the women’s team for years.

“Coming out of a big tournament last year, and then then coming back this year, and kind of doing it all over again. So it’s nice to see our teams succeed,” Ford said.

Viola Richards has also been following the team’s progress.

“We have a radio here. So I tune into the games. And listen through that way,” Richards said.

Richards is not only an SDSU alum and longtime resident of Brookings… she’s also worked at the Jackrabbit Central store for the last 4 years.

“I’ve enjoyed just the social aspect of talking to customers and parents of, of the various basketball or football teams,” Richards said.

She says she is excited to once again cheer on the women’s team at the NCAA tournament.

“The girls have worked so hard, and are such a family, that I’m just so excited for them,” Richards said.

The SDSU’s women team plays off against USC at 7pm Friday. We’ll hear more about their matchup later in sports.