Brookings County Detention Center to receive renovation

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BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — The Brookings County Detention Center is about to undergo a renovation.

The Brookings County Detention Center, which was built in 1975, no longer has enough space.

“Vastly important to the safety and security of employees, the people that come in to visit inmates and the inmates themselves. It’s just a lot safer design and looking into the future, we’re going to need something a lot bigger,” said.

They’ve been planning the renovation for about four years, but the design of the facility and the cells has now been finalized. These are prototypes of the cells. The county will purchase 40 of them.

“They’re stackable. We’ll be able to increase the production time by putting these in and each of the cells is complete. It has all the facilities and they are just plumbed from the backside, in what they call a chase, so they’re good comfortable cells,”

It’s a pod system where guards can keep a close watch on inmates from a central location. It’s a big difference from the current design.

“100-percent upgrade. They still have some steel bars in there, which we won’t have anymore. They’ll be enclosed doors. Those swinging doors,” said. “All the facilities as far as the showers, water, toilets and all controlled electronically. As far as flushing, you can’t over-flush them or run too much water down. It stops, so that’s controlled.”

The renovation will make the facility completely enclosed, so the outdoor basketball court and razor wire will all be replaced.

“There won’t be any facilities outside of it except some landscaping and a sign on the facility, but other than that, it won’t even look like a jail,”

The new facility will hold a maximum 85 inmates. That’s 30 more than the current one.

They hope to begin the renovation at the end of this year or early 2021.

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