SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Baby pigs, cows, laying hens and more, you can meet all the farm animals at the Sioux Empire Fair.

The Pipestone Discovery Barn is bringing the farm to the city and teaching fairgoers about where their food is coming from. They have live animals, interactive exhibits and scavenger hunts, with something for everyone to enjoy.

“They’re just really big and I’ve never petted a cow before.”

You can pet the calves, meet the newborn pigs and watch chickens lay eggs all at the pipestone discovery barn during the Sioux Empire Fair.

“We’ve got three litters of new piglets on the ground right now, we have cows that are giving birth, we had one calf be born already and we have another one that she’s really really close right now and we have one that’s due to calf later in the week. Chicks are hatching every day, we have hens that are laying eggs,” said Sylvia Wolters, Public Relations, Pipestone.

This experience not only allows visitors to see small and cute little animals, it also lets them learn where their food comes from.

“Since recent years people have been wanting to know exactly where their food is and the traceability, and just by seeing everything here they can see this is where we get our milk, this is where we get our pork, this is where we get our chicken, this is where we get our eggs, so it’s just very good that people get to see that and learn about it,” said Emma Zwart, intern.

“It’s good that we know where our food comes from because it helps us learn more,” said Quinten Thies, visitor.

“Our population here in Sioux Falls has grown tremendously, and very few of them have been on a farm, to see where their food comes from,” said Wolters. “We are passionate about what we do, and we want them to feel our passion to know we really care about what we do.”

Learning at any age why farmers and livestock are important.

“Because if we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t have any food,” said Ethan Beireis, visitor.

A fair attraction that receives two thumbs up from these small visitors.

Schumacher: Should they come out here?
Thies: Definitely!

“It is so cool seeing all these people like it’s so busy in here and I love it,” said Zwart.

The Sioux Empire Fair is happening now through this Saturday. The barn will have baby animals all week and you might even be able to catch a calf being born.