SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (KELO) — A group in Sioux Center, Iowa is bringing history to life through their heritage village.

The Heritage Village in Sioux Center has moved across town to a larger location. Moving each historic building was no easy task.

This peg barn was moved to its new location in the center of the Heritage Village last week.

“That was the one they were most worried about because this was a first for them. They had never moved a tacked peg barn, that’s a building that’s put together with wooden pegs, it’s not nailed together,” said Larry Tegrotenhuis, assistant chairman.

“A lot of working with different entities, the city, engineering firms, stuff like that, it’s been a whole community process,” said John Scholten, heritage board member.

The Heritage Village consists of 15 different buildings, featuring houses, a barn, a school and even a blacksmith store.

“The biggest thing for this village is to kind of make it a living museum. Each building in and of itself will be a museum,” said Tegrotenhuis.

The village also serves as a place for both college and grade school students to learn.

“It actually gives some of the students that have history majors or curator majors access to that you know. And also for the schools they get to see that, a lot of the area schools come down to see this,” said Scholten.

“Getting the young people involved, because you know with technology changing and so forth a lot of this stuff has gone away and we don’t just always realize just how much work was into living back in the 1800s early 1900s,” said Tegrotenhuis.

In the future, the group hopes to add more buildings and a museum.