MITCHELL, S.D. (KELO) — A new contest is bringing an artistic touch to downtown Mitchell.

The Mitchell Area Council of the Arts is hosting a main street window art contest, inviting community members and tourists to create original pieces of artwork to be turned into window clings for 12 windows in one of the downtown buildings. The theme is ‘Adventure, Nature and Landscapes’, encouraging artists to be inspired by the great outdoors.

It’s time to get creative and help design artwork for Mitchell’s main street.

“We want to get that walk-able main street that brings that sense of pride for people from Mitchell and coming to visit,” said Elizabeth Luczak, Mitchell Main Street and Beyond events manager.

“Outdoor art is one of those things that I think is kind of up and coming and everybody loves to look at art, this gives everybody a chance to see it, you don’t have to pay to go and go and see it, it’s going to be out on our main street and you can see it as you’re walking, but we also wanted to provide some of that community pride,” said Tiffany Batdorf, Chamber and CVB director.

The artwork will cover the windows you see above me, bringing some color to downtown Mitchell.

“We are looking for anything that is kind of bold and bright, expressive, we are wanting people to really get outside and be creative,” said Batdorf.

The contest is not just for Mitchell residents, but it is open to tourists as well.

“We want to make sure that everybody who visits Mitchell has the opportunity to participate,” said Batdorf.

“We want the out of the box, wow, big ideas to bring people to Mitchell and have that local pride. We take pride from anywhere from our hometown businesses, to flowers to trees that line our street,” said Luczak.

Turning some old windows into new, colorful pieces of art.

“Our main street is full of rich culture and heritage, adding that artwork to have people walk down our main street and show that sense of pride is what we are all about,” said Luczak.

Applications are open for any age now until September 16.