Bridge inspected for its safety in Pipestone

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Inspectors are worried about a bridge in Pipestone, Minnesota on Highway 75 after nearly six inches of rain fell overnight.

The water is so high and rushing so fast, it’s putting pressure on the bridge and on the people who live there, who now have to find alternative ways to get around town.

“Oh this is the worst so far,” Corey Kack, who works for the bridge crew for the Minnesota Department of Transportation said.

Corey Kack is a bridge inspector with the Minnesota Department of Transportation. He’s taking pictures of this bridge. The high water is raising concerns.

“That’s not a good deal, puts pressure on the bridge and it could fail, but and this bridge is not real good shape to begin with,” Kack said.

Kack and his crew are making sure the bridge, which was scheduled to be replaced next year, is still safe.

Other areas of Pipestone are underwater as well.

Many thought it sounded like a good old fashion midwest thunderstorm, but they found out differently when the sun came up

“I wake up to a lake this morning and started thinking about how am I going to get to my doctor’s appointment this morning,” homeowner Kylee Nicholsen said.

She got in her car and started driving, but didn’t make it very far.

“It started smoking by time we got to where we’re going, I noticed that was smoking and so I thought for safety of my car I better not drive back through it,” Nicholsen said.

That’s when she put plastic bags on her feet and started walking, something she didn’t think she would have to deal with in September.

“I love fall normally, so, I mean it’s really a bummer that we had to have all this, you know, flooding,” Nicholsen said.

A problem that seems just as persistent as the rain this year.

“Just seems like it can’t rain an inch or something, it’s got to come at six or seven inches at a time,” Kack said.

Several county roads are also underwater and they’re asking people to stay off them.

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