Bride Moves Wedding Date For Father With Brain Cancer

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Kandi Padilla didn’t plan to have her wedding at her parents’ house.

“I was due to get married August 18th of this year. My dad was just recently diagnosed with brain cancer,” Padilla said.

Her dad Scott Krausman was supposed to walk her down the aisle. However, he was scheduled to go to the Mayo Clinic for treatment around the same time. So, the couple decided to have her wedding at his house today.

“Everybody came together, my neighbors pulled stuff together. We put this wedding together from Wednesday night at 5pm, to today where we’re having a wedding,” Padilla said.

Dea Krausman is the wife of Scott. She says the family made the decision because of the severity of his cancer.

“From what we’ve researched ourselves, we haven’t found people living very long with this type of cancer. So, we would rather be, for Kandi’s sake, have it done sooner than waiting,” Krausman said.

Scott just had surgery this Tuesday to remove some of the cancer. That didn’t stop him from walking his daughter down the aisle today.

 “It’s incredible. It’s hard, it’s sad it has to be this way. This isn’t what we wanted and nobody wishes this upon anybody. For him to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle, it’s incredible, while he’s still able to,” Krausman said.

For Padilla, this moment is a dream come true.

“Everything. He’s 52 years young. He definitely needed to be here. To have him here means the world and for everybody that’s come and helped, I have no words,” Padilla said.

There’s currently a GoFundMe set up for Krausman.

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