SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A downtown Sioux Falls brewery is partnering with a grocery store to build a unique beer.

A used bourbon barrel is worth its weight in gold to those in the beer industry.

“Depending on what whiskey, depending on what type of char the barrel had prior to the whiskey going in, depending what type of wood it’s made out of, every single one of those things adds a little bit different nuance to the beer,” Remedy co-owner Matt Hastad said.

Remedy Brewing Company is collaborating with the Empire Hy-Vee on a barrel-aged imperial Stout named Grond.

“They have a single barrel of New Riff, you can’t get that whiskey anywhere but the Empire Hy-Vee on 49th & Louise, so with that barrel now we’ve got a super unique ingredient that nobody else has access to that we can use,” Hastad said.

“A lot of coffee, a lot of chocolate characteristics. It’s really good for a week where it’s going to be negative-30 out,” Empire Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits Manager Adam Bockelman said.

Adam Bockelman is the wine & spirits manager at the Empire Hy-Vee.

“The barrel is going to add a lot of that bourbon characteristics, so it’s going to add the vanilla, it’s going to add the baking spice, it’s going to add a little bit of rev in that engine as well and that meshes really well with an imperial stout which is already a big, strong beer,” Bockelman said.

Grond spent nearly a year in the barrel before being bottled but was worth the wait, and highlights the importance of local relationships.

“When we have opportunities like this we can go to breweries like Remedy. If we give New Belgium a call they’re not going to answer, they don’t care, but the local guys are the ones that want to work with us, that have the ability to work with us, and are excited to work with us,” Bockelman said.

“That rarity, that fun of having a really, super-hyper local ingredient that is only available to those in the area, it just ups the ante for what the beer can be,” Hastad said.

Hastad says a barrel-aged beer can take anywhere from six months to three years to be ready to drink. Grond is currently available at the Empire Hy-Vee and Remedy Brewing Company.