SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sometimes, all it takes is someone on the lookout and a willingness to reach out.

“Last night at 9:30, I got a text, instant message from Facebook, from a lady that said, ‘I think your van is in my neighborhood,'” Bread Break volunteer Renae Eidenshink said. “Course you’re a little skeptical, and so I responded saying can you give me your address, and she did, so I knew it was for real.”

It was very real; the van was found in northeast Sioux Falls.

“We got there, and the police were there and our van was sitting there,” Eidenshink said. “It was just, it was tears of joy.”

Bread Break from Messiah New Hope Lutheran Church in northeast Sioux Falls brings food from stores and restaurants to organizations which distribute it to people in need. However, as Bread Break director Doug Dreke told KELOLAND News on Monday, intruders broke in and left with one of Bread Break’s two vans. That missing van is now back at the church.

“I was in disbelief,” Dreke said. “I couldn’t believe it. We just, we had written it off. We were researching options.”

“We had three businesses offer the use of their vehicles, their vans,” Eidenshink said. “We had a donor that said he would be happy to give a financial, considerable financial contribution.”

Eidenshink says there’s no damage to the van, which will shortly go back into service because Bread Break’s mission presses on.

“We feed people, and we need this service in this community to keep going,” Eidenshink said.

Sioux Falls Police Department spokesperson Sam Clemens said via email on Wednesday afternoon that no arrests had been made and there were no suspects. He said the principal crime was burglary because there was entrance to a garage.

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