BRANDON, S.D. (KELO)– Marching band season is well underway and Brandon Valley High School is prepared to show off their skills this weekend.

Students at Brandon Valley High School have been practicing since July for competitions in Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa. This weekend, they will be hosting The Big Sioux Review competition and welcoming 13 bands to Brandon.

This is Alexa Christopherson’s third year in marching band and a highlight of her high school career.

“Marching band is like my favorite thing you wake up and you go to school and you go and hang out with my family like everybody has a connection with everyone and we are like one big happy family,” said Christopherson.

Now, this group is ready to perform on home turf.

“Our show is called jackpot and it’s a Vegas-themed show and it’s a lot more fun than the shows I’ve been in before. It is a really fun show and entertaining to play as well as entertaining to watch,” said Camden Coughlin, junior.

“I think we just kind of go into this and have a lot more fun and are a little bit more relaxed and just look forward to pleasing the crowd with our own home show and yeah we look forward to that,” said Tyler Nettestad, band director at Brandon Valley High School.

“At a competition, you have adrenaline, you feel like there is more importance to it and you feel like oh I need to go in and do good,” said Christopherson.

The band is excited to open the event up to the public so everyone can experience the marching band competition atmosphere for themselves.

“They can expect to see a lot of different shows, a lot of variety like there’s some serious shows there’s some a lot more fun shows, but there should be something for everybody there,” said Coughlin.

“Come, you will see lots of people, you’re going to hear new fun things, see different things that you would have never experienced before if you hadn’t come out,” said Christopherson.

Bringing a little bit of Vegas to the city of Brandon.

“You’re going to see lights, sound effects, casino themes, we have poker chip props out on the field, we have dice out on the field, we have show girls out on the field. So anything you can think of that’s Vegas related, those are the things you are going to see and hear,” said Nettestad.

“This has definitely been my favorite in the past three years, it’s very fun compared to like a more serious dark show, it doesn’t have much of a story so you’re kind of just going out and putting everything out there and having the time of your life,” said Christopherson.

The competition is taking place this Saturday with gates opening at 5:30.

Tickets are required and you can purchase those online or you can buy them at the gate on Saturday.