BRANDON, S.D. (KELO) – A high school football team is using a unique method during practice to take them to new heights. The Brandon Valley High School football team records every practice. They do this to analyze places they can improve. Thanks to the use of drones, they’re elevating their chances.

Head coach Chad Garrow is always tossing around new ideas to improve his team.

“There’s just different each year that you might pick up that might help you organize practice more and be more efficient with the time you have on the field,” Garrow said.

Usually, they use a skyjack and end zone cameras that record practices so they can play them back and learn how to improve.

“It’s beneficial to me when I game plan on a Sunday night thinking that this might look kind of good and then I run it in practice and it looks, you know, not very good,” Garrow said.

However, those two angles have proven to have their limits.

“When you’re in an end zone camera, if you want to see your linemen, you’ve got to narrow it down. Or, if you want to see your defensive backs, the end zone camera is not that great,” Garrow said.

Now, they’re able to tackle a new angle thanks to the use of their departments very own drone. This bird’s eye view of the playing field gives them an extra advantage of how to analyze strategies.

“I can be flying behind my offense and I can still see my defense completely. I can see all 22 guys with a good view,” Garrow said.

“It’s a very good camera, so you can see their foot movements, their hand movements, everything. And that’s very impressive in general,” Brandon Valley High Senior and football team drone pilot Noah Mohamed said.

This is Mohamed’s second year piloting the drone. He took a drone piloting course offered by the school.

“By the end of it, you learn all the stuff you need to do and everything that needs to be done, and by the end of that class, you can walk out of there and get your piloting license for drones,” Mohamed said.

​No matter which way you look at it, with a drone on their team, the sky’s the limit.

The team isn’t allowed to fly drones during games, only practices. The team starts the season Saturday, August 29th against Roosevelt High School