Brandon Teachers & Students Go To Work On Day Off

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Now that it’s stopped raining, a lot of people are just beginning to realize how much damage Mother Nature has left behind from flooding.

Some families in Brandon are getting some unexpected, but much appreciated help with their cleanup efforts.

There was no school Thursday at Brandon Valley, but that didn’t stop some teachers and students from getting together and getting a lesson in humanity. 

Even on a wet and cold afternoon, you can still get a warm feeling. 

“Okay we’ll be there in five minutes.”

Brandon teacher Tom Grode is spearheading a community wide volunteer effort.  He’s enlisted the help of a handful of other teachers and students to help tear out carpet and padding at several homes in town that got flooded.

“People need help it’s just kind of a small community thing, last night there was some flooding and the whole neighborhood came out with a few different houses people need help,” Grode said. 

Sharon Johansen is one of those who needed help.  She recently had back surgery and has been trying to take care of her mom and dad’s place ever since they passed away. 

“It’s unbelievable the community, the school, the kids the staff, the faculty; it’s just been awesome, this community is something else, I couldn’t do it without them,” Johansen said. 

The teachers and students waste no time hauling out the soaked carpet and padding.   

At this house, you can see the backyard is like a lake, inside isn’t much better. 

“We get super duper wet, my boots have a lot of water in them from carrying super duper wet carpet,” third grader Ryder Mueller said.

They may not be in school today, but this is one lesson these kids will never forget. 

“There’s nothing too great about weather here in South Dakota, but the people are great? Yeah people are great here in South Dakota,” freshman Peyton Carroll said. 

“It’s the season of Lent and that’s a time of when you like to help people so we’re just we got a text from one of the teachers and they said they were doing carpet, so they said this could be a nice thing to do for Lent,” Mueller said. 

And they’re not done yet. 

A lot of people from Brandon are out at the State Double A Basketball Tournament cheering on their team, so the volunteers have also been helping some of those families, who are probably really big fans right now of the teachers and students, who couldn’t make it out to the tourney. 

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