SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Judge sentenced two men who shot and killed a Sioux Falls pizza delivery driver to prison today.

Raymond Banks who was 18 at the time of the killing will spend 60 years in prison. Jahennessy Bryant, who was 21, will spend 25 years prison.

On February 26th of 2020 Casey Bonhorst, who grew up in Viborg, was working for Domino’s Pizza. He was delivering a pizza in the neighborhood of 26th and Cleveland when two men approached him and demanded money.

Casey threw a pocket full of change at the gunman and lunged at him, the gunman fired and Casey died at the scene that night. Jahenessy Bryant and Raymond Banks accused each other of being the shooter. 

During Thursday’s sentencing in Sioux Falls, Casey’s father, Duwayne, addressed the court. 

“The last time I saw our son was after the autopsy. This memory is what his killers have left me with. Justice must be served, however everyone involved in Casey’s death has lost a great deal,” Duwayne Bonhorst said.

Raymond Banks’ sister, Betty Cross, asked the judge to give her brother another chance.

“In and out of juvenile homes, that should be a red flag something is wrong he needs help don’t throw him away and buried him help him,” Cross said. 

Then Banks himself addressed the court, often looking back over his shoulder to address the Bonhorst family.

“I just want you guys to know that I’m very sorry. You guys will never be able to see your son again. I want you to know I did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed Casey Bonhorst,” said Banks. 

But the prosecution played a portion of a video call between Banks and his girlfriend. In it, Banks jokes about getting a prison tattoo in the shape of a pizza slice instead of a tear drop.

Raymond Banks: Hey guess what they told me to get on my face baby. You know how people get tear drops? He told me to get a slice of pizza.
Banks’ girlfriend: Why?
Raymond Banks: I don’t know, think about it!  

Bonhorst family members in the courtroom were visibly agitated. 

Jahennessy Bryant, who received the shorter sentence, also read a statement to the court. His lawyers said his loyalty to the wrong people was a weakness. 

“If I could go back now I would have done things different. At the time I was living in a world of loyalty, I was being loyalty to someone I considered as family,” Bryant said. 

Casey’s mom and dad talked with KELOLAND News about the sentence handed down by Judge Robin Houwman. 

“I think justice was done. They are both part of it, they are both going away for a very very long time and that’s justice,” Theresa Bonhorst said. 

“I’m repeating myself form an earlier statement but there was a decision made and it’s going to affect both of their lives for a very long time, but that decision is why our son is dead, so I hope they can go forward… We’re going to try to do the same,” said Duwayne Bonhorst. 

Banks and Bryant won’t be eligible for parole until they have served half of their sentence.