ELK POINT, S.D. (KELO) — Nothing says summer like beautiful flowers and now you have a chance to pick your own.

Fleurish Flower Farm in Elk Point is welcoming back visitors this year to their summer time U-Pick flower evenings on Tuesdays and Sundays, now through September. Event goers will have the chance to pick their own fresh flowers from the fields and learn more about flower farming.

Whether you prefer pink or yellow, small flowers or big ones, there’s something for everyone at the Fleurish Flower Farm. Christy Heckathorn began the farm last year.

“I love when I have a U-pick event I just walk out with them and walk around in the flowers and talk to them and they ask me questions about different varieties or why I planted them or where they this came from,” said Heckathorn. “They always have a story to tell me about ‘oh this reminds me of my grandma’s flowers or my mom had this or I had this in my wedding’ and it’s just really fun for me to be able to have that.”

Heckathorn has been doing wedding flower arrangements for around 20 years but knew she wanted to do something more, which lead her to starting the flower farm. Now she grows more than 60 different varieties of flowers.

“Once I started it, it just literally has blossomed and it’s been really cool to have the community support me,” said Heckathorn.

The U-pick evenings allow those community members to come out and get creative by picking and designing their own arrangements.

“I think a lot of times people don’t really know how they can tap into that creative outlet, you know, so it’s just nice to have this opportunity to come out here and see how you do with flower arrangements. It’s just kind of a unique thing that a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to you know see what it’s like and it really is kind of addicting,” said Kim Olson, community member and volunteer.

Giving people a chance to escape to the flowers.

“I think people are looking for an experience of something they can do where they can just get out of town or just escape their life for a few hours. I don’t really know anyone who isn’t happy when they’re picking flowers or walking through flowers,” said Heckathorn. “I know how much joy it brings me and so I’m happy that other people can experience that too.”

The U-pick events will happen every Tuesday and Sunday evening beginning this Sunday at 5 p.m.