SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The recent weather shut down schools, the interstates and halted donation drives for the Community Blood Bank. Now they are working to make up for that lost time.

You could say Rita Nelson is a regular at the Community Blood Bank bloodmobile.

“Is it a full schedule today?” Nelson said.

Friday, she donated blood for the 124th time. With this donation, she has donated almost 16 gallons of blood.

“Donating blood is easy, and it’s one of the easiest ways to volunteer. In the matter of 30 minutes you save- helped save the lives of three different people, you know, and the need never stops,” Nelson said.

Nelson worked for the Community Blood Bank for 46 years before retiring two years ago. Even though she is no longer working, she still wants to help out however she can.

“It’s easy to have a passion for something when you’re helping someone else. I think that makes it rewarding,” Nelson said.

The Community Blood Bank here in Sioux Falls is trying to catch up after losing a week’s worth of donation times due to the weather.

Executive Director Ken Versteeg says they are behind by over 500 units of blood due to cancellations.

“It made it more difficult for us to, you know, maintain an adequate blood supply because the need is always there, the need is basically continuous,” Versteeg said.

Versteeg says they will need a full week of donations to make up the difference.

“We have not had to cancel elective surgeries at this point. But we don’t want to get to that critical level to where we have to decide on who gets blood and who doesn’t,” Nelson said.

Which is why Nelson is urging the public to donate a pint.

“We need people to just come out and, and like I say, save a life. It’s easy. It’s rewarding, and you get snacks!” Nelson said.

The blood mobiles will be out around Sioux Falls next week. You can find a schedule here.