SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A bison calf was born on Monday, April 25, at Blue Mounds State Park, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said.

Dan Ruiter of the DNR said the park expects 30 calves this spring. Several calves are born each week. The calving season typically ends in mid-June, Ruiter said.

Park officials said a calf will stay very close to its mother during the first few weeks of life.

A bison calf with its mother in the herd at Blue Mounds State Park near Luverne. Minnesota Department of Resources photo.

Visitors that are looking to view the bison herd can stop at the park office (or call) for an update on where the herd is in the park, Ruiter said.

The park is near Luverne, Minnesota, in Rock County.