SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Everything from mattresses to playpens and strollers are being dumped in a central Sioux Falls neighborhood.

Every morning, it piles up on a city-owned property next to the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House.
Neighboring businesses call it a hazard, and those who work at the shelter are getting fed up.

This year alone, the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House has helped more than 200 homeless people transition into their own homes.

However, people may not realize all of the good work happening inside this building, because of the appearance on the outside.

“These folks are working to improve their lives and to do anything they can to get back on their feet. However, I do need to address the issues that people see when they drive by,” said Executive Director of the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House Madeline Shields.

Shields says while everyone is welcome at Bishop Dudley, a community of 15 to 20 people have chosen to live outside the shelter.

“I cannot force them to come in and they will camp out outside of our property, which is city property and I have absolutely no authority to get them to leave,” said Shields.

Every day the staff makes rounds, cleaning up the trash and other items left on the street.

“All kinds of furniture is showing up: beds, blowup mattresses, mattresses, box springs, play pens, strollers, blankets, blankets every single day,” said Shields.

Bob Jarding owns a nearby business and says homeless people have climbed onto the roof, making it not only a nuisance, but a hazard.

“The frustrating point is just that it’s public property, not sure what we can do to alleviate it. What I am concerned about is just not doing something about it. How long would this be tolerated elsewhere in the city? Why is it tolerated just in the strip right here? Because it shouldn’t be,” said Owner at Electric Supply Co. Bob Jarding.

“My request is to just ask people to please donate to the shelters and to the other agencies that are serving these folks. Instead of bringing things directly to them and giving it to them on the streets. Because it ends up in the landfill,” said Shields.

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House is the only shelter in Sioux Falls that allows people under the influence to use the shelter, however they do not allow them to partake in alcohol or drugs on property.

Click here for more information on the shelter and different donations that are needed.