SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — It’s not just gas prices that Sturgis rally-goers have to consider as they make their way west. We find out what thrifty bikers are doing to stay ahead of inflation.

Cash and credit rule the road when you’re heading to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on a budget.

“The power of plastic, and probably 500 in cash, at least,” Ron Bainbridge of Mitchell, SD said.

Bikers, whether they’re riding to Sturgis, or not, have already encountered higher prices for lodging and dining out.

“Go to the grocery store and buy your own food and drinks and pretty much do your own stuff versus going out all of the time. Going out to eat is pretty expensive to do,” Carol Osten of Summerset, South Dakota said.

Some out-of-state bikers encountered sticker-shock when they arrived in South Dakota.

“Out here, yesterday, I bought a can of dip, Grizzly wintergreen, it was almost $9 a can. Back in Illinois, only $3.50 a can, which really was like, whoa,” Ryan Stephens of Springfield, IL said.

Many of the bikers we spoke with in Sioux Falls said they factored-in inflation long before they started their trip to Sturgis and so, are less likely to make impulse purchases while they’re in the Black Hills.

“If I see something, I might get it. But I’ll talk it over with myself: do I really need this thing,” Catherine Derhake of Springfield, Illinois said.

Many bikers have been saving all year for their trip to Sturgis and say in spite of inflation, the rally experience is something you can’t put a price on.

“Don’t max-out the card. Just save enough so you can get home wherever that may be,” Bainbridge said.

Regular rally-goers say they often save money toward the end of the rally when vendors slash prices on their Sturgis merchandise.