SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Interstate 90 is a busy highway this week as thousands of motorcyclists make their way to the 82nd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The Black Hills is a beautiful area for sightseeing, but getting there isn’t going to be easy.

That’s because the bikers are going to run into a few areas you won’t find on any tourist map.

The road to Sturgis isn’t always a smooth ride.

“The torn-up roads do because I bounce up and down back here,” Kathy Hall said.

Ron and Kathy Hall are from Georgia and this will be their first time to Sturgis.

“We really don’t have a clear clue of what to expect,” Kathy said.

What they can expect is road construction.

“Yeah that’s what we’ve heard yeah, not looking forward to that,” Ron said.

There are seven road construction projects on I-90 on the way to Sturgis, including this one which stretches for 15 miles.

At the McCook County line, the traffic on I-90 goes from four lanes down to just two. As you can see over here, it’s head to head. The engineers say if there’s going to be an accident, it’s going to happen in this area.

“I’ve been on multiple projects like this and when we do have accidents they are generally coming into the construction zone,” project engineer with the South Dakota Department of Transportation Rick Brandner said.

Project engineer Rick Brandner says that’s because people sometimes drive too fast and get distracted.

“There is a lot of traffic and they all get compressed, there are too many vehicles on the road to fit through a single lane and that’s when they get backed up in a construction zone and not paying attention and then they rear-end the person in front of them,” Brandner said.

He says it only takes one vehicle to mess things up.

“To address those concerns we put message boards about four miles back from where we started that tell them to pay attention,” Brandner said.

So heed the warning signs and enjoy the ride, that’s what the Halls are planning to do.

“We’re looking to have fun, just mainly riding around the area the Badlands and Deadwood and all that, looking forward to it,” Ron said.

That stretch of I-90 construction from Humboldt to Salem won’t be complete until about Thanksgiving.