DELL RAPIDS, S.D. (KELO) — There’s a lot to take in during just a short, sunny walk by the Big Sioux River in Dell Rapids on Monday. Look around and you’ll still see a lot of ice. In some spots the water is rushing; in other areas it’s calm. The river is clearly beyond its banks, but so far Minnehaha County emergency manager Jason Gearman likes what he sees.

“There hasn’t been much concern yet,” Gearman said. “Obviously, there’s going to be some flooding in farmland, low ground. The concern’s going to be if we get a lot of rain here coming up and up north of us, that could cause some problems. That’s what we don’t need.”

The river has also made its way into Rick Williams’s backyard in Dell Rapids. He isn’t worried.

“No, as long as we don’t have a major thunderstorm where we get inch, two inch, three inches of water at one time,” Williams said. “Then it would be a flood up to the house level.”

“Looking at the National Weather Service website, I think everything’s going to be fine,” Gearman said. “Again, unless we get a bunch of rain which is going to cause some issues.”

And if you’d like to get an especially close look of the ice or flowing water, Gearman says it’s best to do that from dry land.

“We don’t want it to attract kayakers or people going out in the water,” Gearman said. “Lots of current, and we don’t want to have to do any water rescues. Just stay out of the water.”

Now’s a great time to download the free KELOLAND Storm Tracker app if you don’t have it for your mobile device. You can have alerts for multiple locations.